Quality + Craft = simply good beer


This authentic Best Bitter is 7/62’s flagship brew – and the beer that got us into this in the first place!

The Bitter is a “go-to” beer in the UK, but isn’t as common here in Canada. When we – Al and Scott – discovered we had a mutual love of the style, we had to start a brewery to create our own! Brewmaster Al’s recipe features English malt, hops, and yeast to produce a truly authentic Bitter. If you’re looking for a solid English pub ale… this is it!


This red’s Irish roots are showing, but with a darker, more complex character. The Dark’s devoted fans have made it one of Madoc’s favourite beers!

The Madoc Dark is an enigma: Is it a darker drier Irish red? Is it a medium red porter? The grain bill for this style-defying beer features a healthy dose of black malt giving it a full body, deep colour, and a slight smoky sweetness. A mix of UK and North American hops provide dry finish and a mild aroma. Whatever you call it, it’s a delicious deep ale for any occasion.


7/62’s Hastings Canadian Ale is Kolsch-inspired, layered with fragrant North American hops. An easy-drinking four-season beer equally at home in the city or at the cottage.

So what exactly is “Kolsch inspired”? It means we had a Kolsch and felt inspired! (OK, it means we began with a traditional Kolsch recipe and things evolved from there…) The style guides have no official definition of a “Canadian Ale” but we knew what we wanted ours to be: light in colour, familiar aroma and flavour, pleasantly carbonated without being overly fizzy. Full flavoured, but approachable. A “friendly” beer!


Because not sharing is caring! Our tribute to what we’ve all been through is a coppery English-style IPA that’s crisp, dry, and delicious.

Conceived at the height of the lockdown in Spring 2020, the Isolation IPA has evolved to become one of our most popular beers. The grain bill, similar to that of our best bitter, lays down a firm foundation, and the dry hopping makes the flavour come alive. We use a combination of hops: Citra – a staple for many craft IPAs – and Sasquatch – Canada’s only homegrown, patented and trademarked hop! The result is a smooth, refreshing IPA with a familiar yet distinctive character.


Madoc’s favourite!

This Irish Ale is a rich ruby red, with a firm malt foundation and gentle citrus and floral hops that combine to make a beautifully balanced beer. It’s low in alcohol but full of flavour – a combination that has made it hugely popular in Madoc. You won’t believe it’s a ‘light’ beer!


Barbara’s favourite!

This mild Irish Stout is black in colour but light on the tongue. The barest hint of nutmeg adds just a touch of spice to a velvet malty mouthfeel. Originally intended as a Thanksgiving special, it’s now a Winter staple. Enjoy!

(P.S. Barbara is the chipmunk…)